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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Going after Stastny is just such a Rangers move. Ugh.

We'll sign him for 7.5 and then he'll put up 30 assists a season. I can feel it in my blood.
On the surface it may look that way, but when you dig into the type of player Stastny is and the things he brings to the table outside of being an equal point producer to Richards you would see that thsi is an acquisition geared towards making the team in the mold of the head coach and the style that AV uses.

Production being equal between Brad and Paul, Stastny is a better skater, which if paird with Kreider or Hagelin enhances the overall teem speed. Is Stastny a burner like the two mentioned wingers? No, but he's got alot more speed than Richards.

Puck possession, Stastny is a FO guy that is as good as Boyle. In fact over the last 4 seasons, Stastny has been slightly better than our BEST face off man.

2013-14 - 54.3%
2012-13 - 52.4%
2011-12 - 55.4%
2010-11 - 53.2%

2013-14 - 55.2%
2012-13 - 56.4%
2011-12 - 51.8%
2010-11 - 48.5%

2013-14 - 50.8%
2012-13 - 50.6%
2011-12 - 51.8%
2010-11 - 50.6%

Additionally Stastny is, and has been a better defensive player.

If Rrichards was 28 years old, at his current rate of production, I would have no issues keeping him and his 6.66 cap hit for the next 6 years. Unfortunately that is not the case.

That said, I also have no issues paying an identical player production wise a little xtra based on the other aspects of his game that better lend itself to the style and system that AV employs.

we want AV to succeed, then we have to give him the assets needed to do that.

the most I would go for Stastny is 7.5. I think the aspects of his game that he possess that are better than Richards is worth just under a million in cap space, or as the math has shown just .2% increase in overall footprint starting the 2014-15 season.

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