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01-31-2014, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
There aren't many teams like Chicago or Pittsburgh. You can want to be them all you want, but there aren't too many Crosby's, Malkin's, and Kane's out there for the taking.

Which is it? Torn down or not a total overhaul?

If you want to be Pittsburgh or Chicago, it's going to take it being torn down completely, then win a lottery and get a couple top picks in the right years. If it's not a total overhaul, then the Kings will keep being what they've been, because you can't transform a team into something completely different overnight.
yes there are very few of those guys available, but LA right now has pieces of the puzzle. the likes of Kopitar, Carter, Doughty, Quick will bring a smile to any GMs face. as of now that is my untouchable core you build around.

i wish Voynov, Brown and Richards could remain on this list but based on this season they can't. if an upgrade is possible that improves the team, then they are expendable. personally i think Voynov will bounce back, he is having a delayed sophomore slump. he is also partially exposed due to them not having a 2012 Mitchell, Scuds or Greene alongside him.

let's call it a renovation, rather than a tear down or overhaul. a tear down especially carries the incorrect connotation. poor choice of words on my part. this team needs to "on the fly" change the type of game they play.

this won't happen overnight, the same way that when Sutter got here he changed some of the TMu style. the team struggled a bit as they adapted.

they can begin by beginning to try open up the ice and thinking offensively. they play defense first, defense second and then offense. they stifle themselves into being inactive, reactive and paranoid to press the attack.

Dean has to begin looking at getting a different type of player - whether it's the draft, trades or FA. he has to adapt his roster to this game.

we are seeing the likes of ANH and SJ also beginning to make this transformation. teams that press the attack and still have a very good back will prevail the majority of the time moving forward. the game changes, and as an example if it didn't then there wouldn't be the likes of PMD such as Karlsson, OEL, in the league.

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