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Originally Posted by jukka ruskeeahde View Post
The English version of the other half will be coming soon, so there will be something about the best line (at least I think so!).

All the best
It is a good thing, I guess, however I think that pretty much everybody who has even a decent knowledge about european hockey will already know all about lines and d-men pairings like these:

Valeri Kharlamov - Vladimir Petrov - Boris Mikhailov
Bohuslav Stastny - Jiri Novak - Vladimir Martinec

Valeri Vasiljev - Vladimir Lutshenko
Frantisek Pospisil - Oldrich Machac

in my opinion instead of telling too much about them one should concentrate telling more about lines and d-men pairings like these:

Jiri Tozicka - Josef Malecek - Karel Hromadka
Stanislav Konopacek - Vladimir Zabrodsky - Vaclav Rosinak

Vsevolod Bobrov - Jevgeni Babitsh - Viktor Shuvalov
Venjamin Aleksandrov - Aleksander Almetov - Konstantin Loktev
Anatoli Firsov - Viktor Polupanov/Aleksander Maltsev - Vladimir Vikulov

Eduard Ivanov - Aleksander Ragulin

Or maybe one should tell more about not so well known finnish lines and d-men pairings like these:

Juhani Tamminen - Veli-Pekka Ketola - Esa Peltonen

Juha Rantasila - Heikki Riihiranta
Ilpo Koskela - Seppo Lindstrom

But this is only my opinion, others may find all of those rather boring subjects. However the sad fact is that there really is not too much information available in the internet involving european hockey players in the pre 40īs or even from the pre 60īs. Other than stats and rosters. That is also why I find your website rather interesting but too limited. I also know from my own experiences that it could be really hard to find any information concerning really old time players and tournaments. And I am not talking about lines or stuff like that but overall information concerning someones whole career. If you could include atleast some of that information in your website then it would make it a lot more interesting. Then it would contain something that one could not find anywhere else. It would be like a databank about old players and tournaments. I havenīt yet seen a website like that. And I am still looking.

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