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01-31-2014, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
Ugh, do you not see how ridiculously biased that is? Meszaros' PDO and on-ice SH% this year are NORMAL, therefore his +/- is not suspect. Yeah, if you prejudicially take away a chunk of his best games, his numbers get worse. Wowzers.
Dude, how am I removing his best games? I'm not. I'm just pointing out the rate of production required to get his stats to that point is incredibly unsustainable. Look at his monthly splits. He produces evenly, he doesn't really have spurts of ppg play like he just did. It's an outlier. It's not gonna continue. All I'm doing is pointing out that when he returns to normal production, he will no longer be outscoring his terrible defensive play.

When Mez was healthy and given a chance to play, his numbers improved and his confidence grew. He was helping the team in a big way. You pooh-poohed all of this. Then he had a rough stretch for a few games and immediately got yanked.
Because he was so awful defensively it almost outdid the good he was doing. It was a lot of flashiness for damned near nothing overall. He won us some games, yes...he also cost us some games on his own with his constant mistakes. What's the point if it's a wash? What's the point if the team's D is in a free fall, partly because of him?

Grossmann is healthy and getting a chance, is a disaster on ice, and your response is: just coddle him more. If our supposed SDD needs sheltered QoC to be viable, what is the point even? To shut down the opposing checking lines? So we are breaking up effective pairings and coddling Grossmann in the hopes that he will stop being godawful, just so we can then put him back in the same situation where he's over his head again? I question the upside of this strategy.
Why not? Mez got tons of extra chances when Gus, a superior player, was healthy. Grossmann during his stint in Philly had been damned solid. Mez had his benefit of the doubt and he burned through it. Grossmann still has one step to go as far as I'm concerned. When/If he burns through it I'll call for his ass to become intimately acquainted with a seat in the press box.

Then how are you getting Grossmann to the 3rd pairing? You're turning Gus - Schenn into the 2nd pairing and Streit - Grossmann into the 3rd pairing as if that's going to fix things?

Why not? You would have a PMD on every line, spreading that talent through the lineup. It's worth a shot, before bringing a known defensive disaster back into the mix.

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