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02-04-2007, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by graveyardshift View Post
the all star game should be kept on the weekends.

The NHL will never be huge in the states
The NHL was on the cusp of something wonderfull following 1994, but Bettman squandered it. Is it too late now? I do not think so, but it is going to be a LOOOOOOONG road back to even respectability, instead of being a joke. It HAS to start with breaking the contract with Versus, and going with hat-in-hand back to ESPN for whatever deal they can cut. There is simply no way around that. The game and it's stars need the exposure that ESPN provides.

Then he has to deal with the fact that even with the cap, there are a few teams who simply have no business being in the league. And off course, there is the fact that calling all the hooking/holding is all well and good, but Bettman seems intent on making it a two-hand touch league.

But it all starts with getting the necessary exposure. And that all goes back to ESPN.

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