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02-04-2007, 08:16 AM
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I know i'm comming in late to this topic, but i'm going to give my thoughts on the game for anyone who cares. Basically from what I saw I thought Henke played well given the fact that he faced over 40 shots and allowing 3 of them, that said the last one was a goal I felt he should have had but I hardly blame him for this loss. Who I do pin the blame on for this loss (and no its not the refs) is the lack of scoring or even getting quality chances, a major portion of the shots on Holmqvist were to his chest, not much chance of creating anything when your putting the puck to his center mass when he can then hold on for a whisle. When they got low hard shots on him , thats when they had chances, that is when someone was around the net. Basically over these past 2 game the Rangers have been kept to the outside in the offensive zone, they need to start having big body's in front and getting garbage goals. I know that isnt the style of most of the team, especailly not the Straka-Nylander-Jagr line, but the other lines need to start picking up the slack and driving to the net. If the Rangers dont make a move for a center for Shanny(something we have all been yelling for since November) then there is no way in hell that they will make the post season. As for the D, minus the stupid penalty's that Ward was called for, I thought they played OK for having basically 3 guys who havent played a full NHL season(Pock,Girardi,Lampman). Pock keeps getting caught though and that leads to odd man rushes,but thats nothing that more practice and games couldnt cure. As for the reffing, I thought it was horrible both ways, the mysterious high stick at the end of the game against the Bolts, and the "hook" from Shanny off the face off, both where bad bad calls, there were more, but i'm sure we can all rattle them off untill we are red in the face, however those were particularly bad! What can you do, they need to put this one in the file and move on to the game against Detroit tomorrow night. Maybe there will be a deal made by then, but I wont hold my breathe.

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