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01-31-2004, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Olaf
Ya know, I don't mind all the Tootoo bashing. In fact I welcome it, the guy should be the type to get under the skin of opposing players and fans. But some of the misinformation about some of his fights floating around is really what gets to me. One guy on the Tootoo thread in the main board claims Toots used his visor against Ignila....when the opposite was the actual case from the video I have saved on my computer. And to jump him because Wright claims he bit his pinky finger......give me a break. Was it broken or bleeding? Keep on keepin on Toots..
Even thought I think its past the point...

"Columbus forward Tyler Wright accused Predators spark plug Tootoo of biting his hand after the two scuffled along the boards five minutes into the third period. Wright showed off marks on the tip of his right pinky where he says Tootoo bit him. "

...and this is about respect. You don't bite other players!? Just like you dont bite other boxers (Tyson)... if Tootoo cant handle his aggression someone needs to let him no it's not right and in the good of the game. No matter how exciting a player he might be, there should be no excuses made for BITING?!

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