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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
When the question is "where does Jagr rank purely offensively, I think that properly applied stats tell... the vast majority of the story
In a way, yes, but maybe I didn't explain my opinion correctly. If we are purely looking at numbers, then let's wiki all-time NHL leading scorers and the answer is black and white. But we can't do that because Lemieux and Orr are surpassed by the likes of Francis, Dionne, Yzerman, Recchi, Oates, Gilmour, etc. Yet, if an alien watched 50 games of Orr vs. any of those guys, even they would realize that Orr was better "offensively," right?

A classic example is: Jari Kurri. Incredible player, but if he didn't have 99 feeding him pucks all day, and instead played on the Canucks during the 80s, he wouldn't be close to the legend he is today. I firmly believe that. So situation, opportunity, health, ability to create individually, and the rest muddy the stat waters for me.

In fact, I'm not even using "stats" to hurt Jagr due to his longevity. It wouldn't matter to me if Jagr played an extra 4 years in Russia, I saw enough of him to rank him 4 or 5 all-time offensively on my list. The guy does magic that only a few others could ever do. I guess that's my point.

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