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01-31-2014, 04:45 PM
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Just a start of the background for the draft, its no sure thing that any help will be gained there. Average is the most optimistic thing said about this draft and there are a number of reports calling it weak. The top 4 players all considered for the midterm #1. Now most all the predictions are made by Canadian wiriters and scouts and we know they never skew anything. But just as with last years writ-ups the top 4 can do no wrong. I did read on article that proclaimed only Reinhart had a chance to jump right into the NHL roster, now the midterm has him at 4.

Bottom line the risk is really high this year and to move up to a top 3 pick that its going to take to get one of these guys is going to cost a decent roster player our 1st and likely a 2nd.

Someone mentioned Nylander in another post I would like to see this guy our selection as well. one reason is that he is not under the gleaming eyes of the Canadian media which neglect players playing in Europe. The Preds have had luck drafting Euros in the past and any evaluations on the guy are going to be undervalued IMO. Any pick we get is most likely going to need time to develop before hitting the Preds roster.

For giggles I looked at the hockey writers F/A valuation and if DP can't land Stasny then we will continue to be in need of a 1C or anything that resembles one.

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