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01-31-2014, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by BrianBoyle View Post
Good thing we don't play straight man-on-man, then!
Didn't say we did. The OP asked about reasons for "man-to-man". I said there really generally are none. I think you're looking for an agenda where there wasn't one this time.

Really, regardless of who is doing it or not doing it, man-on-man D coverage in ice hockey is generally a bad strategy and that's why you see almost no one doing it. Momentum in ice hockey is way too important to ask someone to go up in man coverage. Man coverage is tough enough on foot on solid ground, it's insanely difficult on skates on ice. In the entire NFL there's maybe three guys who can generally win most battles when they man up. It's way too easy to beat strict man coverage.

Specifically our system, I wouldn't even want to comment yet because I don't think it's clear what it is. I can't tell yet if AV is adapting away from the stupidity of the original plan, or if it's just guys not executing the bad original plan and AV not getting all upset about it because it's working better this way anyway.

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