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02-04-2007, 03:11 PM
But y u mad?
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Originally Posted by WheresBarnaby View Post
I'm not too sure I agree with that. Are you saying that you'd think we'd be better off with Rucchin, Skyora and Rucinsky instead of Shanahan, and Cullen? Moore I think was good for us, but I think the players are all chipping in to fill his role this year. Overall if we had those guy's still, I think we'd be in the same spot. Sykora did nothing for us last year in the playoffs, Shanahan is the guy to have if we ever get there again. The difference between this year and last, is that last year they didn't see us coming (we were supposed to end up last in the NHL) this year they have our number and it shows. Jagr is being held to be near ineffective every game. That wouldn't be a problem if the rest of the team could get it together. If the other lines were clicking better, then other teams couldn't afford to just concentrate on Jagr, that's not happening enough and so, the playoffs are going bye bye. Last year we were a one line team. This year it looks like we still are as much as I don't want to belive it. The third line is starting to look good, but we still need a center for Shanny.
Rucchin > Cullen
Shanahan > Rucinsky from a leadership and physical standpoint, but they'd put up similar numbers...Shanny more goals obviously...but the the most important thing is that having Rucinsky and Sykora on the team helped chemistry...I think that if we had kept last years team cept Poti, and signed Arnott (or another offensive centre) our team would have much more chemistry and we'd be in a different position...

Sykora produced well during the season, he just dried up during the playoffs, but so did the whole team including Jagr...

Last years team was much stronger than this years team because we subtracted key components from last year...Moore, Rucinsky, Sykora...
and replaced Rucchin (a leader) with Cullen who does very little...
Shannys a good player, but i'm a little worried about the chemistry between him and jagr...

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