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02-01-2014, 10:12 AM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
This may just be me, but I wouldn't want my kids and grandkids to be set on my money and never have to work an honest day in their lives.

I've said I don't fault Callahan, but I wish a guy we gave the captaincy to placed some value, if any, on playing here. Maybe he wants to give the extra 12 million to charity, if so, you're fighting the good fight.

I have also shown, through diminishing utility, that each million from 31 to 42 is worth less than millions 1 to 30.
There are ways it can be structured so that you guarantee their safety and security without allowing them to be total societal parasites.

Personally, I would set it up so that my kids and grandkids got the best possible educations and had the freedom to choose to be artists, entrepreneurs, etc. without worrying about basic needs. But if they want three homes, a Ferrari and a private jet, then they need to go out and earn that money themselves.

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