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02-01-2014, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by JPP4121 View Post
Your right about the track record of these things. Your right in that the player has to involve his family's wishes in matters.

I respect you as a professional and as someone who has seen how a highly class constructed organization operates, that you know how it works in those type of organizations.

Where I disagree is that union reps, accountants, or agents should steer you in any direction. They should give you the information and then you do. There is a universal law called the law of free law. No one has a right to impose their will on another if that person doesn't willfully agree.
I dont think they impose their will. They just advise and assist. Im sure Callahan has already received opinions on both St. Louis and Columbus in terms of tax rates, school systems, real estate, team environment, etc.

In the end, its always his decision (or his spouse, as we saw with Pronger and Texeira). My point is that he shouldn't be vilified or character assassinated simp,y because some guy just nought his son a Callahan jersey and now he's gone.

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