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02-04-2007, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by bubba5 View Post
Sell, sell, sell, sell,sell!!!!!Anyonone whio thinks this team is any good now or 1 or 2 players away from being good is kidding themselves. There are 10-12 teams better than us in this conference hands down. Even if we can get an 8th seed (which will not happen) we will just get swept again in the playoffs by either Buffalo or the Devils! (and Drury is not coming here next season, why would he want to or any other decent free agent)
The Rangers are old, slow, and not physical enough. I totally agree this can not be fixed with one or two players. The older guys are half gased already and will be dead in the playoffs.

The upside is the Rangers have some current players and prospects to build around.


Lundqvist - Superstar potential, young, somewhat proven
Montoya- Superstar potential, young, Great tradeable asset


Tyutin - Young, strong, perfect #3, getting physical, offence will come
Staal - top pairing potential, young, strong, great skater
Sanguenetti - possible #3 dman, strong skater, offensive talent
Baranka - young, can skate, good frame, deserves shot next year
Girardi - good NHL start, even if he is #5 -6, he fits the bill
Rachunek - this guy has to be re-signed, put him in a better system he'll adapt
Rozsival - used right, 2nd pairing, 2nd Powerplay, he fills his role well
Sauer - promising prospect with good frame.

That is 8 under 30 players that we should be able to pick 4 out of to play with 2 quality (Stuart, Souray, Hannan) free agent signings over the next few years.

Forward = major weakness

Prucha - only true NHL ready youngster, size is issue, heart is not
Dawes - possible younger Prucha clone
Betts - great checking line, 4th line center
Ortmeyer - late 20's but quality checking line, pen kill winger
Cullen - 30ish, but we locked him up long and expensive, still great 3rd line center
Korpikowski - decent prospect, should be excellent checking line winger
Dubinsky - decent prospect, worst case Korpikowski's center

we have decent youth for the bottom 2 lines, and guys like Cullen whos contract leaves him virtually unmovable. Dubinsky, Dawes and Korpikowski have outside chances of being top 6'ers.

Tradeable Assets

Jagr - We dont have the core for a playoff team so why keep him. He has a great contract that should fetch us a 1st rounder, high prospect, roster player

Shanny- Playoff super stud - love the guy, but get a 1st rounder prospect for him.

Nylander - While I am not as high as some on him, he should bring back a decent prospect as a lot of teams are looking for playoff rental centerman

Straka - love him but he would fetch a decent return from a rental team.

A. Ward- Nashville would love him as would many others, might pick up a decent defence prospect

Immonen, J Ward, Hall, and even Ozo can be thrown in with the above for fill ins.

Malik - put him on the market, if we get a 6th rounder take it just to dump the contract.

Yeah I know, they will suck for the next few years but after that they will at least have a core of players to build around. When that is done NYR becomes competative and can in turn be buyers.

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