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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Maybe--but I wouldn't bet on it. Of all the injuries Callahan has had I don't remember a concussion. Crosby has had some real issues with that. He's been healthy for a while but another major concussion and he might have a real problem. Your head is not like your knee or a shoulder.
That's true, and I don't really buy the whole "body giving out" thing on Cally for that matter.

Injuries like broken bones don't increase in likely hood until your mid-late 30's. I'd call his run of luck the law of averages catching up with him.

None of his injures have been chronic or repeating, he doesn't suffer from a degenerative bone disease, and he's never been concussed. He gets injured because of the way he plays. That's what we ask of him, it's rediculous to hold it against him.

It's not comprable to Drury, who WASN'T injury prone, and contrary to the willfully ignorant belief that his body gave out due to balls-out play, he developed a chronic ailment. Had little to do with his style of play.

It's not comprable to say, Gaborik, who would randomly have to miss 12 games due to pulling his groin while taking a stride in the wrong direction while skating, or would hit the boards awkwardly and miss 6 games due to his shoulder.

Cally's shoulder was seperated by an awkward fall that would have done the same to anyone. The shots that broke bones could have done the same, again, to anyone.

The only injury that's ever really made me go "huh.." was his knee earlier this year, after an awkward hit.

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