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02-01-2014, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by JPP4121 View Post
like right now there's a tweet from a NY rangers affiliated twitter account that states.

#Rangers offer Callahan 5 year, $30M. Callahan wants 7 year deal, as I've been posting. Now we'll see how bad he wants to stay a Ranger.

Now that is negotiating in bad faith. That sours a person's feelings. Literally pitting Callahan against the fans. I dislike all these Ranger affiliated twitter accounts and websites. The Rangers media machine is cancerous. And I've seen the guys who tweet, well I think I did at traverse city, like a 22 year old kid, kid face, just tweeting away. The most cliche, college class answers and what not. The Rangers PR machine and the garden's affiliation with CAA is a major turnoff to someone who sees things the way I do.

They had, and they still have the potential to be, but its teetering. They had this awesome culture of being a hockey team, an inspiring hockey team, and the MSG marketing people wanted a more exciting product that would make fans or shall I say business associates such as baby punisher on this board here, pay up without complaining the games were too boring for the price they were paying.
Don't have a problem with the tweet at all.

Teams are usually behind the 8-ball when trying to defend a defection.

Get out in front of the PR nightmare that is bound to happen when he is traded.

5 years at 6 per is more than reasonable for Callahan. MORE THAN REASONABLE

Him demanding 7 years is not reasonable for the team. The style he plays means that even at 5 years he's going to be less than useful after the 4th season. He wants to make sure he's got the remaining 3 years and 18 million in his pocket.

No problem with this tweet on any level.

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