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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I could see that.

Players say all the time how much they want to stay with a team only to leave over money.

I remember Messier saying the same things. and then leaving over money

If Callahan REALLY wants to remain a Rangers player, then he takes the discount and we all move on with our lives.

If he wants to get paid (as is his god given right) then we trade him
Exactly. The thing is, the "discount" isn't much of a discount. It's a very fair deal, maybe too fair, but I could live with it as a fan because I think Callahan is still a very useful player and will be for a good while longer.

If he's absolutely set on suckering some other franchise into paying him an extra 12 million over 2 years, that's his right, but I think thats an awful idea on every level but the financial. With the cap and how difficult it's becoming to be consistent contenders for any team, UFAs have to pick between absolutely maxing out on their pay or getting a real sustained shot at being champions. Championship calibre teams don't take dumb contracts like that. Hell, the Rangers aren't in that tier and their management has a long history of overspending for UFAS and even they won't make the 6x7 deal. But, if he's set on it, trade him. You can't handicap the team with a contract like that. The fact that a leadership kind of player like him is absolutely insistent on such a ridiculous contract is disappointing. It's his right for sure, but it's also everyone's "right" be an average player. Callahan is what he is at his best because he goes beyond what he's allowed to get away with putting it. I just hope to god we're not looking at Chris Stewart straight up. At that point, go for picks, resign Girardi and see what happens.

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