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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
1) 2005-06 was a significantly higher scoring season than today

2). A projection based off a half season? Seriously?
I was only using the 2005-06 season to prove the point that a younger, lighter, faster Jagr would be the game's best offensive player by a wide margin. Most have Jagr's 2005-06 season as his 4th or at best 3rd best season in his career. He was much heavier and slower in 2005-06 so it's not out of the realm of possibility to think that a more athletic, nimble and mobile Jagr would be even better.

It's not a projection. Jagr had 96 Pts in 63 games and projected to 82 games, he would have scored 125 Pts.

Bure had 94 Pts in 74 games that season and projected to 82 games is 104 Pts. Jagr's gap would have been 21 Pts. As for the half season argument, it is quite obvious that injuries really hampered him down the stretch so that argument is relevant especially when we consider Crosby has had a history of injuries recently.

Jagr had 71 Pts in his first 39 games (1.82 PPG) but only managed to score 25 Pts in his last 24 games (the 19 games he missed were in between those 2 stretches). I don't think he would have maintained the 1.82 PPG all season long but this was Jagr at his very best and I think he would have scored more than 130 Pts had he remained healthy.

Crosby has yet to reach that level.

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