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02-04-2007, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
I've been reading your posts on this subject for sometime and your bias is overwhelming evident

I don't care..Jagr is the best player on the team..As he goes this team goes...He can say whatever he wants...he's earned it...

Give it a rest.
yeah right..

The "blame" for the direction of this club falls on everyone's shoulders - not just Shanahan, not just Lundqvist, not just Jagr.
Any more general statements...why not comeback with something original..instead of this comment above..What's next.."If they all played 60 solid minutes they would be contenders" Look up more cliches...

It's funny that Jagr is so quick to forget that when no one would stand up for him - not Straka, not Nylander, not any of his other Czech buddies - it was Shanahan who fought one of the toughest guys in the league. It's Shanahan who's been coming to his rescue all year long; defending him from the press, defending him from other players, and defending him from the referees.
Wow that Shanny he made a difference...Forget the fact that Straka and Nylander are producing (at even strength as well) Shanny fought one of the toughest guys in the know that turned into..NOTHING..WHO CARES..Funny it looks like Jagr never asked Shanny to defend him to the press...Nor did he want him to defend him to referees..Perhaps Shanny was just looking to deflect the attention away from his old hands and old body...his lazy shifts of late...oh can we bash brendon or has the 4 months he's been on the Rangers made that impossible..Oh wait Jagr can be bashed for everything..but not shanny..he fought brashear and he even had so much gumption that get this...he talked to the press....oh what a team guy...what a leader..

You see it as one of the best players in the league vs. a guy who hasn't scored an even strength goal in 20 some games. The rest of the league sees it as a chronic whiner vs. one of the best leaders in the league.
or is it perhaps the best player in hockey vs a guy that looks washed up? Guess you missed Jagrs two cups? he won them in pittsburgh...That Shanny look how he is leading this team...What a LEADER!!

Jagr decided to make this stretch drive about him with his comments last week. Last time I checked he's yet to come through. So if you're going to call Shanahan on his contributions you'd better be willing to call Jagr as well. Jagr doesn't play the PK, isn't backchecking, isn't forechecking, and really isn't even making things happen offensively the way Shanahan is. And if Shanahan's performance offensively has been so awful what does that say of Jagr?
I too think Jagrs comments were BS..I posted it in the thread where everybody was praising Jagr..So the past 4 games means Jagrs words mean nothing..You can judge a guy by 4 for you man...why not look at the past 2 months...hey who has 1 even strength goal? What's that guys name again?

Shanny is making things happen offensively?

i wonder how many goals shanny has scored this season that Jagr has assisted on? I wonder how many goals would the our 38 year old paper captain have without Jagr? Jeez I don't know..

The fact is Shanahan should shut up and play..he did this team no favors...

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