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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
Really, when you get right down to it, how in the heck DO we have the record we have right now??

If you had told me in October:

that we would lose Pekka for most of the season and juggle two minor league level goaltenders, our offense would continue to be near the bottom of the league, and our team defense/goals allowed would also be near the bottom of the league-

I would have guessed we would have a record like Edmonton or Buffalo.

I would love to see where we would be right now had Pekka not gone down- we would almost certainly be solidly in the playoffs right now.
If you really think about it we are out of playoffs positioning due goaltending and our shootout record. I give credit where credit is due But we have better short term memories. Every team goes through defensive mishaps and offensive slumps. But if our goaltending stood up we'd been in midst of Minn and Van and Phoenix right now even with our offensive problems. If our shootout record was better we'd be in the same position in the midst. If both were better we'd be right with Col and La for positioning. Rinne wasn't great in the shootout either so you have to take that into considerations. The offseason moves were hinder to this team instead of helping it. Cullen and Stalberg were mistakes. Hendricks and Nystrom were good additions but not at that crazy price. No solid backup goalie is now being a problem. Mason didn't do so well last season. So Poile is trying piece it back together for a playoff run. I've heard him say this still need tweaking ...I hope so..the law of averages ..through the season where your on a hot streak and you win so many and then you go on a loosing streaks and you loose so many but the Preds have never had a winning streak where you win 4 plus game in a row and they are due so with the break and future hopes where will be come deadline time?

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