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01-31-2004, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Le Petit Viking
I'm not sure of your comment. I think honestly that a team Québec would beat Slovakia or Finland. About Switzerland, please give me the line-up

Anyway, I' m preatty sure that a team of that caliber CAN compete with USA, Russia, Sweden and Canada and because of the goalers (Brodeur, Théodore or one of the bunch) a team Québec IS a medal caliber.

No ?
I think I explained my breakdown pretty well....I'd rather have to ask you to prove to me WHY a team like this could have success ... I mean , if Quebec players alone could win a medal then why isn't team Canada made up of a majority of Quebecers ? AND PLEASE DON'T SAY that anglo Canada doesn't like french's NOT TRUE . Don't let the Don Cherry's fool you into thinking there is anything political about Team Canada selections.

I'm talking strictly stats here. The players in the roster that is given for a Team Quebec do not have the stats to add up to any other team ....except in the goalie dept. where we win by a landslide. I love Quebec , But I truly don't see how splitting up the Province's players from the core of the country's greatest could make us a BETTER or Equal value team .... it's simple math . we have Team Canada's ( 100% ) ....then we take away 6 Quebecois ( 30% )from the team ...
What do we have left ? Canada at 70% and Quebec with 30% ... now both teams have to find the missing parts which can't possibly be all as good as the initial 100%

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