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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Oh please. 11-12 was the exception to the rule. That team had a coach that beat the effort into them night after night, and after one successful season, they flopped and then got their coach fired. I love whenever someone questions the battle level of the team, some self proclaimed superfan comes in and starts rattling on about the 11-12 season. A season where we barely beat two inferior teams in 7 game series only to get bounced by another weak team in the ECF. A season where had we not had a hot start, we would have been a bubble team AGAIN.

So the team competed under Renny, but they fired him because they wanted MORE compete level? How does that make any sense.

Joke's on you. Get a clue.
Oh please man. Get a clue yourself. The Rangers were playing tough hard hockey dating back back to at least the beginning of 2010-2011. Don't try calling me a super fan and playing me like that. I know Ive watched, I know what Im talking about.

THat is exactly why they fired Renney, I think there are direct quotes stating they wanted a coach who would help bring that out in the entire team more consistently. Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi, those 4 guys and Hank were almost solely responsible for the Rangers even being competitive, and the FO decided they needed a coach who would demand it from the rest of the team.

Dont diss me, I never called myself super fan, thats super lame. but Im calling you on your BS. Joke's on me ha

Seriously, can we have some honestly here. That is what those guys were bringing. And the rest of the team needed to match it, so Renney was let go and they brought in torts.

Additionally those two inferior teams A) one of them washington had just beaten the #2 seed boston in &, and B) the senators, with nearly the same time wiped the floor with the #2 seed Canadians. Those teams weren't bad teams. You want to talk about trendy. Its trendy to say the 2011-12 team was bad bc they had difficulty in a playoff series (which they end up winning) against teams that were better than anyone gives credit to. You want to say that style is unsustainable, I'd admit the rangers didn't have enough in the tank when it came time to the devil series. I'm honest man, I'm not saying what I'm saying simply bc it sounds good. It's the truth.

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