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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
.... Ok. And hate to be a further Balloon Poppin' you know what, but Team Canadas' Goaltending selection also left a lot to be desired. Had Orr been healthy & Sinden used his brain, done some actual Scouting, understood that the Soviets played it very deep right in & onto the top of the Crease which negated full Stand-Up's effectiveness & was in fact a liability if they didnt adjust, they'd have gone with a far more flexible hybrid tandem of (Cheevers & Parent had defected to the WHA so my first choices gone) of Eddie Giacomin & Gilles Villemure of the Rangers along with Rogie Vachon. Ken Dryden & Tony Esposito while the most celebrated Goalies of that particular time, well, pretty easy to pick their games apart & Esposito's sometimes completely out to lunch focus in big games certainly made me nervous. Both excellent Goaltenders obviously but not built for International competition the way the far more acrobatic Ed Giacomin was and a guy who roamed aggressively, Master of the Johnny Bower Check, back up on his feet in a flash and skating with the puck past the hashmarks catching the opposition flat footed with a nice tape-tape to Rod Gilbert or whomever hovering high. Eddie there thought Offensively, almost like a 3rd Offensively minded Defenceman & he could seriously skate & stick handle, shoot the puck. Beyond Team Canada just being completely out of shape & seriously under-estimating their opponents going in, you could just palpably feel the letdown on Canadas' bench & with the players on the ice the frankly soft goals that were going in. Not blaming Dryden, Goal is a team error but still. Both he & Esposito beyond spotty.
Killion, imagine Giacomin in net and the Golden Jet flying down the ice, receiving one of those "nice tape-tape" passes from Eddie, and letting fly one of his patented blasts as he crosses the blue line. Fun? Wow!

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