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02-04-2007, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Somethings Habining View Post
If Guy Carbonneau wants to turn things around with his team he needs to start with himself. You cannot keep piling all the blame on your players when you are equally as culpable and not doing everything you can to help your team win.

As I’ll undoubtedly get flamed, I’ll keep to one issue so everyone try to stay on point.


In order to have your team play its best you have to ensure that the shifts are kept short and that your players finish a 60 minute game without there “tanks being drained”.

Successful coaches keep their players average ice time to 45 seconds or less.

Shifts that are longer contribute to the build up of lactic acid in the muscles that the body cannot re-absorb quick enough. This leads to a dramatic drop in performance and translate to weak passes, bad or slow decisions, losing one-on-one battles and the taking of penalties.

In the recent loss to the Islanders, out of 18 players only one had a shift average of 45 seconds or less and that was Maxim Lapierre at 45 seconds exactly. Of all the rest 3 players had shifts that averaged over 1 minute, all 3 play on the top 2 lines, have been unproductive in the goal scoring department lately and are some of the worst +/- players on the team.

You can look up the stats for all of the losses this year and a disturbing pattern of excessive shift times accompany almost all of the losses.

This is the coaches’ responsibility to control, and as Guy Carbonneau said he and Kirk Muller cannot get on the ice and help the team but they need to start doing their job if they expect to put their players in a position to succeed.

Ahhhhhh…………………. I feel better now.

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