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02-05-2007, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
On what aspect, Edge? My point is that Renney has zero confidence in any young player. The rope he gives them is an eighth of the length that one of these 4th liners that we have mentioned get. And who knows what kind of a standard someone like Malik may have.

I agree that having Pock, Girardi & Lampman in the lineup did not seem to make much of a difference last night. However, unlike Malik, these players have the potential to improve and get better. Malik is who he is at this point. So if in the short-term, the level of overall play stays the same, wouldn't it be better to continue to give the youngsters ice time becuase, unlike Malik, they WILL improve in the longer-term?

On the bright side, pretty soon we'll be able to resume our David Wright debate.
I don't really see a lack of confidence in younger players, just certain players who really are neither young nor have a lot of potential. The two main players in that scenario would be Immonen and Pock who will be and already are 25 and simply don't look like NHL'ers even to me. So in that regard I can't really fault Renney because I agree with him.

And I also disagree about their potential to get better. Personally just like Malik I think Pock, Immonen and Lampman are what they are at this point, 25 year old tweeners. The one exception mike Girardi who seems to be getting a fair amount of praise from Renney and is being used in crucial situations.

Our point of disagreement with those players is their ability to get better, I do not believe they will and sadly I do not believe they bring a heck of a whole lot to the team, again with the exception of Girardi who could be an NHL'er.

While I'm not a huge Malik fan and I could write a laundry list of what I don't like, I do believe he is a #5 or 6 NHL defenseman. Personally I don't believe that Lampman and Pock are even that.

I think we disagree about that, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't feel that way.

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