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02-02-2014, 12:43 AM
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Many things can be done, first and foremost what needs to be done is to identify which players that can be traded for assets and if the two compliance buyouts are going to be used and on who. With that said the organization is not projected to make money again this year so as many will chime in for the buyout of Goose and Stahlberg that's 15 mil that I do not think owners will agree to shell out.

What I think will be done Cullen and Sthalberg will be moved in trades that may cost another asset to sweeten the deal. Legwand will walk when they will not meet salary demands. In the offseason DP will pick up a couple more aging veteran forwards and the roster will be backfilled with young guys from Milwaukee who are questionable as being ready. The offense will struggle next year while the D gets better and Pekka comes back and they do well enough to finish 10th in the west yet again. The following year the young guys start to produce and the team flirts with the playoffs but miss out in the last week. Then Trotz is let go after 4 consecutive years from not making the playoffs.

Now most will think well its the old Byrddog being negative again, I don't see it as me being negative just going by what the front office has done in the past and having no indication whatsoever that's the situation will change. 2014 is a average to below average draft and F/A does not appear to have the players available that will fix the offense. By the first day of F/A most will be resigned by there current teams, the two available Vanek and Moulson will be scooped up quick. Vanek may well land in Minn or Detroit. Moulson will go to the highest bidder or could remain on the island.

Unless Weber , Rinne, Josi are made available for trade I don't see much return for any of the others with the exception of maybe Ellis who may well get a decent prospect from a team like Florida or Edmonton or Colorado who need help on there blueline. But he will not in any way return a 1C or top 6 winger ready now even if packaged with picks.

So to make it short it is going to be a while to turn it around. The defense looks great going forward and if Rinne makes a 100% recovery we are still set there but need a upgrade in the backup slot and to reload depth across the whole team. The cupboards are getting bare. It would have been great to have traded Hellberg last summer as I had suggested he has had a horrific season to this point and his value has taken a hit.

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