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02-05-2007, 07:48 AM
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Moves I dream about

Hello board. Figure I'd make this my first post. Another year, no rebuilding, no playoffs and a bad coach behind the bench. Yep. That's the Rangers.

First move I dream about would be management moving towards the light and seeing this team stinks and isn't making the playoffs and to become sellers

Second move, fire Renney. He is horrible.

Third move, trade Nylander and Rosival. Nylander is a UFA and I didn't get the sense he wanted to come back and was looking for his final big payday. The Rangers drafted a boat load of defense prospects. It's time to sell high on Rosival. I believe Rosival could bring back a mid to late first round pick as well as a good prospect. Nylander probably would fetch a deal similar to what Rucinsky did when he brought back a 2nd round pick and Umberger.

Fourth move, release Hossa immediately. He's horrible.

Fifth move, send Hollweg to the Pack. I don't know why he was ever called up in the first place. He didn't earn it.

Sixth move, trade J. Ward and Rachunek for 3rd and later picks. I think teams would want those guys if it was for later round picks.

Seventh move, trade Immonen. Obviously, they have it in for this guy. Have no idea what the return would be. Perhaps if they packaged him with Pock who they also don't seem to like, they could bring a decent pick.

Eighth move, call up Dawes, Callahan, Byers and Baranka.

Dawes and Callahan should both be placed on one of the top 2 lines so they develop. Move Shanny to left wing. He can hack it. Baranka should have made the team out of camp. Figure you get a center back in the Nylander or Rosival deal.

Shanny-trade center -Callahan

A. Ward-Baranka
Malik- Lampman

Might as well play Lampman till Staal gets here next year. I'd trade Malik but nobody would want him.

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