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02-02-2014, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Rangers Fail View Post
Mockingjays appeared in the arena in the first Hunger games. I don't think that they had their backstory though. Basically, the Capital created jabberjays. (The birds in the second movie who tormented the tributes with lifelike screams of their family members). Jabberjays failed, were abandoned by the capital, mated with the local mockingbirds, and so mockingjays were formed. Basically, they're a symbol of the Capital's failure/resistance.

I agree, the movies should include more district backstory and more details.
Yeah, I mean, I was glad I watched with a die hard fan because when she came out in the outfit and someone said, "It's a mockingjay! GASP!" I'm like, "Wait, what? How is that-? How is that bad?"

Movies tend to cut out plot points/change the story to fit a certain criteria for time etc...i just wish these films wouldn't because yeah, the uprising and all the district's back stories sound really interesting.

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