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02-02-2014, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
While I don't know that it's 9 out of 10, there was definitely a sense of disillusionment concerning JVR by that offseason. I think it was the reports that he was waffling on getting surgery for his injury and that the organization was tired of that sort of thing from him did him in. I know when he left my feeling was "We probably gave up the better player...whatever." Even now, I find it hard to get terribly worked up over it, and I love criticizing the org.

I just got a sense that he was too secure and complacent, for whatever that "sense" is worth as an opinion. I had a spectator's hunch by then that he wouldn't hit his potential until something lit a fire under him, and I theorize the trade did that.
FreshPersepective posted the TSN interview with Carlyle a while back in this thread that kind of showed JVRs mindset when he first got to TO... basically a hardheaded 'I'll do things my way' kind of guy.

"He used to be a guy 'yeah, but' [or] 'but if'," Carlyle said of van Riemsdyk's response to coaching. "But he's not that [anymore]. Now he's more receptive to [it] There's a difference between coaching and criticism. Sometimes they all become the same to players. That's the difficult part is when to use it, when not to use it as a coach."

It was only days into the 2013 campaign that Carlyle first publicly prodded van Riemsdyk. "He's got to go into the dirty areas a little bit more and that's one of the things we're going to ask of him," said Carlyle before an early season game against Pittsburgh. "He's a big man, who can go to the front of the net. He's got soft hands around the net. We want to see him drive that puck to that area..."

I loved JVR and the way things look this year the trade was bad for the Flyers, (last year it seemed pretty fair tbh with the way Schenn was playing.) but it did seem like something was really off with him here...

I do think though just going off his numbers and ice time while here that he would have been a 60~ point player now whatever happened (like Brayden Schenn will very likely be in the future)... but not the same kind of 60 point guy if that makes sense, he would be far more one dimensional.

For me that is really what has changed watching him in TO compared to Philly (especially this year)... he backchecks harder, battles on the boards, does not give up on plays, uses his size and is aggressive. His skillset really has not rocketed or anything... he just seems to compete more and be on all the time. It is like watching him at his best with the Flyers all the time. I think every Flyers fan knew his ability was not in question.

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