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02-02-2014, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by ChoseLa View Post
E. Johnson and ROR are good players, Subban take over hockey games, he's miles ahead of them, why trade him to get those two? What's the logic?
lol no he doesnt,yea he had an amazing game against Dallas but for every game u seen him play amazing i can name u 2 where he played horribly,dont get me wrong Subban is great and we're lucky to have him but ur honnestly overrating PK or underrating EJ and ROR if u think these 2 together arent worth Subban,EJ is a #1 dman and better then PK defensively and ROR would instantly become one of our best forwards if not the best and both of them are still really young also.You dont trade players like Subban but if COL calls and his ready to offer those 2 for PK im sorry but theres no way MB declines that offer but like someone else mentionned i would add something else and try to land McGinn also.That trade would make our team alot better.People think Subban is worth the world because he won a Norris but yall need to chillax hes amazing deff a top 15 def in the league maybe even 10 but defensively he needs alot of work he still makes alot of mistakes

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