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About Yourself
Name: Matt
Age: 20
Location: Hamilton, Ont
Origin of Screen Name: University and favorite number!

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 1 month
Current Team: N/A
Current League: N/A
Highest Level Played: ummmm...
Current Level: I like to think of my self as elite (just kidding). The past month I've learned how to skate and shoot, and I'm advancing pretty well mainly I think because of my gymnastics background.
Position: Not sure yet!
Type of Player: "There's no puck I can't get, as long as I try hard enough".
Player You Emulate: Well shouldn't we all strive to be like Gretzky - a smart player?

Current Gear
Helmet: None
Shoulders: None
Elbows: None
Shins: None
Gloves: Bauer
Skates: 2012 Crazy Light (used from Play it Again).
Stick: Crappy, 10 dollar stick. If I can learn to play with a bad wooden stick, then I'll be able to play better when I eventually get a good stick.

Hobbies: Hockey, Gymnastics (yes I know, super random).
Movies: LOTR, Forrest Gump, Contact
Music: Hip Hop, R&B (although I appreciate all types of genres).
TV: Don't watch TV other than the news
Food: Anything unhealthy (minus red or yellow peppers).
Drinks: Red wine (Cabernet Shiraz)
Hockey Team: Toronto Maple Leafs, Arizona Coyotes.
Hockey Player: James Reimer, David Clarkson, P.K. Subban.

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