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02-02-2014, 09:45 PM
vadim sharifijanov
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^ yeah, that's not my point though. my point is jagr is equally unstoppable whether it's 1987 or 1993 or 1998 or 2006. selanne, among other smaller guys who aren't as good at shielding the puck, is more effective in 1993 or 2006 than 1998. which stands to reason that the gap between jagr and selanne in 1998 is probably larger than the gap between jagr and selanne in 1993 or 2006. (assuming they are in their peaks of course.) which is to say that maybe he had an advantage in the DPE, instead of being hindered by it, because he was one of the few special players who had a body, game, and skillset built for it.

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