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02-03-2014, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
Nice to see Rattie continue to score well, and get important goals. He's doing this with a light, flimsy body possibly a 30=goal season in his first pro year. Imagine how much better he'll be next season, after working with Nelson Ayotte.
Even with his lack of bulk, it doesn't surprise me. Blues coaching staff were very surprised in training camp and described him as NHL-ready in the offensive zone a few months after he was drafted.

Very few players suffer from being brought along slowly, but I almost wonder if that could result in bad habits while we're waiting on the rest of his game to come along. I wouldn't guess that's going to be an issue, because the alternative is basically that he performs as an incomplete player who gets creamed at the NHL-level.
But I recall both Perron and Tarasenko trying "junior moves" early on, but quickly adapting due to getting shut down. I hope Rattie is getting the right kind of challenge in the offensive zone that will prepare him for success because he spent two years dominating junior in a way that may not have challenged him well and could very well be in the AHL another couple of seasons before he gets a sniff at the NHL. Good time to develop his overall game, but it just seems possible that it's a long enough time to develop habits that don't work in the NHL, too. I hope he's still just as plastic as ever when he reaches the NHL level.

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