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02-02-2014, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Jets have so many more problems than adding another QB. Why waste a draft pick?
I dunno about so many other holes.

Cousins could provide Geno great competition and maybe even surpass him as the starter.

I would say one of our greatest holes is certainly the QB position. I know you're high on Geno, but i'm rather still quite skeptical. We went through some growing pains, as expected, but he was terrible from under center. I'm not saying he's not the future of this team, but I am also not putting all my eggs in his basket.

We have 2 3rd's this year. I doubt Cousins' value is even that high at this point. A 4th and a 6th could probably do it too... and we'll have extra 6th's as well.

We also have about 45 mill to spend this offseason once we cut Cro, Sant, and cut/trade Sanchise.

Holes I can think of:

2 WR
1 TE
1 OG
1 FS
1 CB

Then depth. We can conceivably get Ebron and Matthews in rounds 1 and 2. Sign a vet WR via FA. Take an OG in round 3 or sign one. Resign Dawan for FS. Sign Dominique Rogers Cromartie for CB. Resign Calvin or draft an OLB in the 3rd round too.

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