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02-03-2014, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by donpaulo View Post
I think we basically of the same mind, just slicing the bread differently.

I don't see another candidate of Richards quality or experience available.

I view Stastny as more of a "grass is greener". He will be more expensive than Richards, plus the cost to waive the Bradster on top of things makes me conclude NY is better off with Richards in the fold. If he continues to train with Saint Louis in the offseason as he did last year I think he can continue to put up points. After all Conn Smythe winners don't grow on trees.

Not sure I see the logic in hoping Cally magically returns NY a top line potential centerman. Can you give me a specific name or three we can discuss ? otherwise its just a pipe dream. If there is that kind of player available do you realistically think Callahan would bring him to NY ?

I know I am repeating myself but JT Miller appears to NOT want to play center. so that would leave

Brassard RFA

I don't think Boyle or Moore returns as another team will offer them more. But I could be wrong on that. Wouldn't be the first time either.

But as I see it

plus whatever the best return for Cally is better than


maybe its just a different preference on how we hope NY will fill out the roster.

but as I said we all know about all of this within the next 6-8 months
1) Regarding Stastny, I hear what you're saying, and we're in agreement about preferring not to sign him, but if the choice comes down to dumping Brad and signing him, I'd rather sign him, even for as much as $0.5-0.75 per year more in AAV. The cap recapture penalty on Brad's $1MM years is that bad.

2) Brad's buy-out: well, fortunately the Garden can afford it. Also, by the end of this year he'll have been paid more than half the total value of his contract in real dollars. I don't recall the amnesty formula, but given what he's already been paid, I don't think it's as bad as you think it is.

3) Joe has said on air that Miller prefers RW - but the comment was in regard to which wing he prefers, not which position overall. (Recall that he spent most of his time with the big club on the left.) As RB points out, he plays exclusively center in the AHL and I believe both Gorton and Clark have said they prefer him at center. Having watched him myself, Miller is much, MUCH better when he a) has the puck on his stick and b) is in constant motion; he should play C over RW over LW.

EDIT: 4) As to a centerman in return for Cally, my dream is for a Galchenyuk or a Barkov, but those are admittedly very low probabilities, even if he came signed to an extension. If you were able to trade him signed, I don't think that a Coyle for example, is unrealistic. If you're trading him as a rental, then we're looking at the types of guys that HockeysFuture rates a 7.0-7.5C (Chicago, for example, has a slew of them), and hoping that our scouts can identify the right one who has more upside than he's shown to date.

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