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02-03-2014, 07:00 AM
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If we're going after a forward like Eberle, a forward going back is probably going to happen. It's going to cost Wilson or Smith plus someone like Josi for Edmonton to even be interested. Are we willing to give up a top pairing defenseman to get Eberle? Doubt it.

So after looking at the standings and seeing how we've climbed back in to the race somehow, what do we do now? Are we buyers, sellers, stand pat? If someone offers us a great package for Legwand do we take it knowing that the playoffs this year are out at that point but know that the future is brighter or do you hold on to Legwand, squeak into the playoffs, maybe and take your chances against one of the three power houses in the conference? Cullen and Stalberg have not been missed from the lineup terribly. They could be gone. If you could get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Legwand, Cullen and Stalberg, do you do it?

All the talk about a top center is a great discussion because people have different ways of looking at what a top 3 forward is. Some say, there are 30 number 1 centers and 60 number 1/2 wingers because every team has a top line so there must be 90 top 3 forwards in essence. I always counter that point with, is Malkin a top 3 forward or is he a number 2 center because he plays behind Crosby? So here's the question, does it go by how many teams are in the league and there are truly 90 top 3 players, by the player itself, productivity or some combo above?

I really think there are tiers to this. There are the elite players which are the obvious ones then you have guys that fall in to the great category that are somewhere between top 3's and top 6's. You then have a list of guys that are good players that are top 6's. You then have a chunk of guys who are your bottom 6/sometimes good enough to play in the top 6 guys and then everyone else.

I think an interesting way to go about it would be to make a list of some of these types of players and see where these guys would fall according to people's views on what is a top 3 versus top 6 versus bottom 6 player. Other things to consider would be who guys play with. Are Kunitz and Dupuis top 3 forwards or are they very good top 6's because they play with Crosby?

Me personally, I go by talent alone, not by there are 30 teams so there must be 90 top 3 talents in the NHL. I may make a list later on if my headache goes away.

My point of making this thread was where is this team going to be in 3-5 years. Many of the guys we're talking about today won't be here because of age and/or expiring contracts: Legwand, Fisher, Cullen, Goose, Nystrom and Stalberg so I was curious what people thought we might do with them because of this and if we would be a better team with them gone and the youngsters, trade acquisitions or free agent signings making us a deeper roster up front.

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