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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
So rare that it happened the year before and two years before that? Hell, it would have been four President's Trophy Stanley Cup Winners in a row had the Devils not collapsed in February 2000 when they were 15 points ahead of the Flyers. After a coaching change, they really cruised through the playoffs (14 of their 23 games saw them let in 1 goal or fewer).

Tampa Bay is in that group too (3 points from the President's Trophy), especially when you look at their second-half record: 27-7-2-5. 2003 New Jersey was just 5 points away from the President's Trophy, and beat that team to get to the Finals. It wasn't really rare at all in that era for teams to have both regular season success and playoff success.

And 1997 Detroit may not have a President's Trophy, but their playoff defense speaks for itself. 2002 Detroit let in 3 or more goals 9 times in 23 games. 1997 Detroit let in 3 or more goals just 3 times in 20 games.

And that's just the Dead Puck teams that were as good or better.
Eh so aside from all the couldas and shouldas you have the 99 Stars and the 01 Avs. And I never said anything about "regular season success" or the President's Trophy. I said *dominate* the season. The 02 Wings were 15 points ahead of the 2nd ranked team.

Only three teams had as big or bigger a gap to the 2nd ranked team and won the Cup since expansion: the 84 Oilers, the 77 & 78 Habs.

So yes, it is quite rare.

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