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Originally Posted by dubidubidu View Post
Quick story for the Wednesday game. Me and my buddy we're looking for last minute tickets for the game on stubhub when he found out his church had a pair to give away. He picks up the tickets, which look more like traditional ticketmaster tickets than the big commemorative ones. We go to scan them to get in and the machine says they are invalid, however the tickettaker says he has been having problems with the machine due to the cold and lets us in anyway.

We go to the ticketed seats in 114a Row 15 and find a father and son who are with 40 kids from a youth hockey group sitting there. We check their tickets and they have the exact same ones as us, even the same barcode. We let them stay and go to guest services. On the way I notice ours say "PRT#2" on the tickets. So my guess is someone at the Rangers printed up the same ticket twice and gave them away to 2 separate organizations.

Anyway guest services takes our tickets and returns a few minutes later with brand new commemorative tickets for 111 row 16, which was wide open. Apparently this happened to a few other people too who were seated next to us as the game went on. The view was ok, couldnt really see anything on the 1/4 of the ice closest to us, but it was still an awesome time.

Amazing that they had this many '$119' seats left, and they couldn't even give them all away properly.
This was the Islanders doing not the Rangers. The Islanders begged the NHL to get involved in the outdoor series and then couldn't get their fans support.

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