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02-03-2014, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Exarz View Post
Most of the prices i found here in Sweden are around 230 dollars for the pads, 100 dollars for the glove and blockers for the same price as as the glove. Are those good prices? The stuff looks like it's max. 3 years old.
It's extremely important to find out what quality the equipment is before deciding if the price is good, as pads can range from $400 to $1600 brand new based on whether they are Pro, SR, or Rec level of equipment. So if you find rec or SR pads for $230 that are 3 years old, chances are the padding in them is dead, or as good as dead, and will not give you very good protection, whereas if they were pro pads new, and are 3 years old, chances are, if they were taken care of, that they are still good pads, and will give you good protection, and comfortability for years to come, if you care for them properly.

Proper care is the most important thing with gauging the longevity of goalie equipment. Message me if you'd like more info on the subject. (I play goal at a high level and sell goalie equipment new and used for work.)

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