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02-03-2014, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Frenzy1 View Post
His biggest asset was his hockey IQ. He is making those passes because he "sees" the opening. My guess is that he will make the speed transition to allow him to do that at the NHL level.

Case in point - watch the caps pp. They run the same play over and over - getting the puck down low and then across the ice to Ovie for a one timer. Everyone knows where the puck is going, but it usually still gets to Ovie. I think certain players can see the openings?
I would say that Rattie's cross ice vision will probably be comparable to what we are seeing from Roy. The only real difference is Rattie makes those plays far more frequently below or near the face off dot rather than above it. That means two things to me (assuming he continues that trend...for the sake of discussion).

In the AHL there is much more space in the middle of the ice. Thus my question about whether it will translate to the NHL. Defense in the NHL gobble those passes up with greater frequency. So, some decline is inevitable. My question is how much?

Second, I prefer Rattie's tendency to that of Roy because it leads to fewer odd man rushes. Roy likes to make a lot of dangerous passes through the middle. Some work and some tend to be costly. Because Rattie makes those plays down low, there is a better opportunity to either recover the puck or get numbers back on D.

It really is hard to gage his ability to adapt because it is so vision oriented. Luckily, Rattie looks to have plus vision.

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