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Originally Posted by AH View Post
Dumb inherited a team that was coached by a career GM to a 100 point season and a berth in the second round. That team came from waaaaayyy behind to win the Atlantic Division title. It's not like Dumb has to do much to get that team to play. A trained monkey could coach that team to what it's doing. Dumb is just a place holder until Lou decides John Maclean is ready to be his coach.

Julien is not a bad coach, but his coaching style just didn, suit this team. In NJ though, it's a match made in heaven. As for Carbo, his coaching style is the same as Julien's, but he has no real coaching experience, which makes it even worse.

I think he's lost his team, which is why some players are playing like that. Here's some of the things I think he's doing wrong:

- Bad asset management. Not using the right players with each other and playing them in wrong situations. Sammy-Kovalev, Ryder, Perez... not playing Markov more (he should play 28+ mins each game!)

- Wrong system. This team is not built to stand around and trap. Poor transitions and overall a bad system for this team. Offensive players don't like to play a defensive system and always be blamed for not producing afterwards.

- Negative attitude. Always blaming the refs and the players. Blaming the goalies when they've stellar most of the time before. Not a good way to gain respect from anyone.

- bench management. The original poster said it all already.

All these things and a bunch of little decisions he's been taking throughout the year (can't remember them all) have contributed to some players not playing for him anymore, and others not performing because they are not being used properly.

Being around hockey players and dressing rooms, you'd be amazed at how fast players can give up on a coach. Especially when these players make millions.

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