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02-05-2007, 11:29 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Personally I don't think Shanny put anything out of whack, but that's just me.

I see a team that is even worse shape without Shanahan on this team.

I just think if we go with that mindset we might as well say that the entire thing was doomed from the begining because Jagr never has been and probably never will be the type of player who "leads" a team to anything and you've essentially built the structure of a team over a fault that is destined to implode.

To me the big problems are still a mediocre defense and not a single complete line outside of the first. Those two are big holes that will sink any ship.
I guess this discussion has already been had so probably just beating a dead horse....BUT....the way I see it...Last year's team had heart, chemistry and played it's collective butt off for most of the year...And, despite it's mediocre defense, with great results until the physical limitations caught up with them at the end of the year...

This years team, IMO, with Shanny, Cullen, Ward and 2nd year from Pruch and Lundy is more talented and should be doing a hell of alot better...But there has been no chemistry from the start and Renny has been unable to find it or develop..And you have to think the intorduction of SHanny has somehow had an effect on that chemistry or the wy the team is coached....Maybe not...Still .it's Renney's job to mesh the players OR play the players that will mesh....Some peolpe will also say that last year we got the best out of Jagr and The King...That's true..and that's another area where Renney has failed---in getting the best out of his best players...Or any players for that matter..

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