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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Have you got a link on that? He moved the Lakers to the Forum in 67 & changed their colors from apparently a Royal Blue & Light Blue to Purple & Gold, and in designing the Kings logo & jersey followed the same color scheme. I cant find anywhere that explicitly states the Lakers followed the Kings, but quite a few citations that state the Lakers color scheme was mimicked by the Kings. Rather a moot point, doesnt matter, but if the Kings were first, be interested in reading up on it.
I don't have a good internet source for you, but I will endeavour to find one.

The colour scheme certainly became synonymous with the Lakers because of the success they had, whereas the Kings never did much in their "Forum blue and gold" uniforms. It's also very easy to conflate the story with the Kings' colour change in 1988 upon the arrival of Gretzky. The change to black and silver really was a very deliberate homage to the Raiders football team.

I'll try to find a period quote from Cooke himself, who claimed that the purple and yellow (err, Forum blue and gold...) colours were 'regal' and befitting of a team named 'Kings'.

Facts are the Kings took to the ice in purple and gold on October 14, 1967 and the Lakers didn't debut their new uniforms until three days later.

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