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02-06-2007, 08:54 AM
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This team has many problems. First off, this team has no chemistry. Last year they bounded and it was an us against the world situation. This year they've seemed flat and emotionless all season long. No passion, no drive. Looks like guys are going through the motion. Others have mentioned it before but I will say it again. This is not a team -- its a collection of individuals who don't give a hoot and certainly won't fight or rally for one another.

Coaching has been a problem all season long. The pp sucks! Yet Renney refuses to change anything as if miraculaously things are going to improve. Makes no sense! Defensively we've sucked all year. Renney's hands are tied on that one cause thanks to Sather he's got a boatload of #5 and #6 d-men who are asked to do much too much. Still if we played a more conservative game, play more as a 5 man unit with the forwards coming back to help out, some of the problems on the backline could be masked. Again that comes down to guys being more concerned about their own stats then the good of the team.

Another problem has been no 2nd line center. I stated before the season that Straka should be centering the 2nd line and you could put Prucha or Hossa with Jags and Nylander. Hasn't been tried once! What gives??? Renney used it with varying success last season yet hasn't really given it a chance this year. Again, doesn't make much sense unless someone is insisting on keeping that line together. Certainly not for the good of the team.

Too many things just don't add up with this team. Bad chemistry, bad coaching, and bad management have given us exactly what we should have expected. A bad hockey team. Time is running short. If this franchise doesn't wake up and make some big changes over the next week we might as well write off this season!

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