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01-31-2004, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Calgary Devil
I want to just say that putting all the blame on Turek, like many people are doing is very unfair. He is at fault to a point, but remember, the goalie is not the only person on the team. When the Flames were winning in December, they were playing mistake free defence, a big part of the reason for the teams run that month. Now, they are giving up 30+ shots a game routinely, and turning the puck over, and giving up TONS, and I mean TONS of odd man rushes. Sure, Turek hasn't been great, but team infront of him should be taking just as much of the blame in my opinion.
This is an ignorant statement...and it's to bad you don't see thr truth..It's right in front of you...

I'll explain...

Turek's piss poor play, causes the team to not have faith in him, the try to be cute and too perfect and they make mistakes infront of him...

Period...end of story.....Thanks for coming out.

Turek is in a word Anti-clutch

Look at the 4-0 win over Nashville....Roman was probably the best goalie you could have in in a game like this...but if the game is on the line he'll screw up...time and again.....his last playoff game as a St Louis Blue...? He was on the bench...

This is a long standing trend....

Look at the tampa game....Flames up 1-0 late in the First.....Flames playng pretty well...Roman lets in two of teh worst goals all season ansd early into the second the Flames are down 2-1....From there on in, Roman can't benearily as blamed as the players infront of him

but at 4.5 million Turek has to step it up....he can't let in goals at the very worst times

Look at the Hawks game....Turek lets in 3 bad goals...and had no chance on the last 2...why was the end of the game the Flames players have given up on Roman...they tried to be to perfect...too cute out there and they made gastly mistakes...

You can blame the D all you want.....but there's a reason the D has played bad of late...Roman's been in goal.....duh....

Anyway I would like to say that Roman tends to play a bit better away from the Flames fans...though really we pay his contract and he's making 4.5 mill he needs to step it up and not blame us like he did...Look at Vernon...we booed Vernon...

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