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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
3) If Fredrickson and MacKay are indeed the "next best" PCHA centers after Taylor (and I think they probably were), they need to make our top 60 somewhere.

4) Duke Keats needs to make our top 60, probably not this round, but in one of the last 2 rounds. Impact player in the NHA before the First World War, lost prime years to fight the war, came back and rather than rejoining the NHA, he became the face of the "Big 4" prairie league which would later turn into the WCHL and attract players such as Bill Cook, Frank Boucher, and Eddie Shore. Basically owned the WCHL All Star center spot until Fredrickson stole it from him once, then went back to the NHL and finished 9th and 10th in scoring in a consolidated NHL in his age 31 and 32 seasons. Excellent longevity as an impact player for a player of that era, especially for one who played a game as physical as Keats.
What's funny about the trio MacKay, Fredrickson & Keats is that Fredrickson got traded, more or less straight up, for both Keats & MacKay within two years when all three of them were veterans in the NHL. All of them were basically the same age too, MacKay born in 1894 and Fredrickson & Keats in 1895, so the trade value between the players then seems to have been pretty equal. Only thing missing in the puzzle is a MacKay for Keats deal.

1] First Fredrickson, along with teammate Harry Meeking [LW], got traded from the Detroit Cougars to the Boston Bruins for Duke Keats and Archie Briden [LW] in January 1927.

2] In December 1928 Fredrickson got traded from the Boston Bruins to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Mickey MacKay and 12 000 $. So the Pirates had to put in some dollars too. My sources tells me it's something like 144 000 $ today.

Originally Posted by florida pwnthers View Post
How does Zetterbergs time as a winger count here?

I usually just lurk and watch your masterminds do the work, but I'm legitimately curious how someone we can "confirm" have played wing affect the rankings as a center
I think that when he played with Datsyuk, Datsyuk was as much of a winger as Z. I think Z took the faceoffs at least. But Red Wings fans probably knows this better than me.

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