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Predictions for Kvalserien?

Which SHL-teams will play Kvalserien?

Which teams from Allsvenskan will play Kvalserien?

Which team(s) will get promoted/relegated?

I think the teams will be:
  • AIK
  • Djurgården
  • Malmö
  • Karlskoga
  • Västerås
  • Örebro

And I think it will end like this:
  1. Örebro
  2. Västerås
  3. AIK
  4. Karlskoga
  5. Malmö
  6. Djurgården

Schedule for Kvalserien:

March 17: Playoff team (Mora, Karlskrona, Karlskoga or Rögle)–Örebro, AIK–Djurgården, Malmö–Västerås.
March 19: Örebro–AIK, Västerås–Playoff team, Djurgården–Malmö.
March 21: Västerås–Djurgården, Malmö–Örebro, AIK–Playoff team.
March 23: Örebro–Djurgården, AIK–Västerås, Playoff team–Malmö.
March 25: Örebro–Playoff team, Västerås–Malmö, Djurgården–AIK.
March 27: Västerås–Örebro, Malmö–AIK, Djurgården–Playoff team.
March 29: AIK–Malmö, Örebro–Västerås, Playoff team–Djurgården.
April 1: Västerås–AIK, Malmö–Playoff team, Djurgården–Örebro.
April 4: Playoff team–Västerås, AIK–Örebro, Malmö–Djurgården.
April 7: Playoff team–AIK, Örebro–Malmö, Djurgården–Västerås.

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