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01-31-2004, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by VAN-HAB
dude why trade the best we got to improve our offense, think a little bit before you make a thread, gosh some people post threads just to get attention.

First of all VAN-HAB, I did not write this form for attention nor did I write it because I did not think it over. If you are happy with a 5"10 #1 centre on our team, then by all means that is your opinion.

If you understand the concept of hockey, that I do not know, but facts are facts. You are not going to win the Stanley Cup with 9 out of the 12 forwards on Montreal being 6'0 or under. and only 4 fighters on the team. (3 being defenceman).

What is the point of Keeping a Koivu or a Zednik when they do not produce down the playoff stretch? Isn't that when we need them the most. If I am not mistaken it is. We have expandability now, something we have not had in previous years. We can afford to give up a Koivu or a Zednik. We have many younger players coming up through the system that are starting to push for spots on the big club. To me, it is the Ideal time to trade Koivu, while he still has some value. Give him a couple more years, and we'll be lucky to get anything above a 3rd rounder. Who knows, he might even get another leg injury that could cost him his career, and then where will we be? We be stuck without a Captain. Do we really want to chance it, and stick with Koivu? Think about the Logic's, I see no reason why Gainey would not try to move Koivu, if he can get a big power forward centre.

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