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Originally Posted by Jax1166 View Post
What do you mean?

I bought on the day released two seats section 113, row 28, with fees it came to $200. You saying I could have gotten in free/less for these seats?

I gotta say I thought my seats sucked, I had to look up at the scoreboard video many times to see the play, it just was very poor sightlines.

Was it this way the whole stadium or what seats were better?
Also, I thought I would get a souvenir ticket, scarf, and hat, and just got a regular ticket.
The Islanders dumped so many tickets for free and many got into hands of scalpers outside of the Stadium. I had tickets but a friend of mine needed a single and approached a few scalpers and got a $249 ticket for $20. The scalper had about 20 tickets in his hand. Someone probably got a stack for free and just unloaded them to the scalper for next to nothing. I had a great time at the game but the way the Islanders and the NHL handled this just bothers me. They just used the Rangers and their fans as a way to circumvent the tax break NYC gives to MSG.

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