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02-04-2014, 05:47 PM
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Initial impressions.

Okay.... 2-day-late intial impressions!

Newcomers :

I really need to know a bit more on Nedomansky. Always figured him to be mostly a RW... RW's being usually worse players than Centers, unless you play for the Habs. Good job so far. I can say quite conclusively that Nedomansky isn't dismissed right away, and if he misses my top-8 it will be close. Can pretty much end up anywhere between 2 and 9.

I initially thought Duke Keats came eligible both at the right time and at the appropriate time. That is, at this point in the project, but after Fredrikson and Mackey. This said... Keats was solid in his lone complete NHA season, and the left for WWI. That makes.... many seasons, and he had proven l he could more than hold is own in one of the two best leagues of the era. And a noted playmaker as well. At this point, he screams "not top-4".

Lafontaine -- boy, that guy was good. And quite a flash, really. I don't think we can vote him in at this point, but no what ifs. I can't see how Lafontaine could be ranked higher than, say, Sundin. Did not conclusively show that '93 was anything else than a crazy spike in a crazy season. Sad, but true.

Zetterberg -- a bit torn here. Gut feeling screams "better than Sundin", and his body of work can already be considered complete enough. A part of me doesn't want Datsyuk that high with Zetterberg too low. Another part of me feels some of us completely forgotten that those two players played with Nik Lidstrom. I'd feel more at ease ranking them in a few years, to be honest, but I don't think we can keep him out of the Top-60.

Lemaire : There are variants, but he's really similar to Larionov. Lemaire was a better goalscorer. And he also had success with players not named Lafleur... and possibly even had his best seasons WITHOUT Lafleur. And a few VERY good playoffs performances as well. In a very laid-back role. And we share the same birthday.

If I'd have to name a Top-4 at this point? Four of Larionov, Mackey, Nedomansky, Petrov and Savard.

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